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What We Do

Our team has been thought leaders in sustainability since the 20th century, advising sovereigns, corporates, and investors for over two decades.

Entering a new market is not easy. Japan is a parallel universe. Even if you have a strong track record in your home country and similar markets, we can assure you that “Japan is Different”.

Let us help you avoid the numerous other pitfalls faced when entering the Japanese markets, so that you can utilize your resources efficiently to achieve successful outcomes in Japan.

In addition to helping you chart a strategy to achieve success in Japan and helping you avoid repeated missteps, we also provide introductions to local, relevant partners that can enhance your local credibility.

We are confident that superior value will be appreciated in Japan – we will be happy to be your wingman in your process, so long as you are culturally cogniscent.

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Japan Entry Strategy

Mani&Co is able to provide you with insight on being agile and lean, while embarking on a long-term Japanese strategy that can enhance your local credibility. We also provide partnership introduction and advisory.

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Governance & Executive Coaching

It gets lonely at the top. We promise to give you candid feedback in order to enhance your probability of success in Japan.

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Cross-cultural Advisory

Mani&Co believes that being yourself is important. Listening to others is even more important. Let us help you avoid tumultuous staffing and relationships in Japan.

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